New to yoga?

We Have the perfect classes for you!

Each of the 3 sessions offers several classes to choose from: one or two that is ideal for someone who has never tried yoga before, and the other for those who practice yoga all the time and are looking for something different! However, all sessions are adapted for "all levels," so beginner yogis should feel comfortable trying any of the classes throughout the day.


Yoga and its therapeutic benefits for mind and body health have been demonstrated repeatedly through scholarly articles and scientific research.

Benefits of yoga include: lower blood pressure and cholesterol; decrease in the risk for heart disease; relief in the physical symptoms of stress, depression, and PTSD; elevation of mood; regulation of the nervous system; and anger management.

What isn't quantifiable is exactly what one feels during and after a yoga class! Energized, relaxed, centered, or at peace, each and every yoga class offers something different. 

Come see for yourself, while raising money for a great cause that provides a holistic approach to mental health care in the Ithaca community. Support Family & Children's Service and register for the Peace of Mind Yogathon today!